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Congrats to student Dillon Daniel Mutyaba, who starred in AFRICAN GIANTS, winner of the Audience Favorite Award at SLAMDANCE, 2024!

“I enjoy working with Steve on every audition I get.  He has provided me with unique ways of approaching each role, allowing me to dig deeper into the world of each character with his gentle suggestions and artistic wisdom. His love and curiosity for the work keeps me coming back. He is a true master of his art, fully available and ready to help you reach your fullest potential as an actor.”
-Dillon Daniel Mutyaba, MFA Candidate - Juilliard School

"Movie theater improv." Quiet movie. Loud cookies.  Subtle, and hysterical.
Long-Form Improv, 2019


"Being directed by Steve, through delicate subject matter, always felt safe. He prioritized sacred time with myself and fellow actors, to unpack any questions, concerns or fears. When support was required between scenes, he was always present to breathe new inspiration and life into every take, offering us a safe landing place. Steve's first priority is honoring the story at its most pure artistic form, he protects his actors from any noise outside the work and is the grounding anchor of any artistic ship. I hope to continue working with Steve for the longevity of my creative career."

-Stefanie Rons, Actor

“In a few months with Steve, I went from having absolutely no actor training to being accepted into one of the top college programs in the country - with scholarships.”
-Winter Andrews, Actor

“Steve’s approach is powerful and simple; he really puts you into the moment as an actor.  His coaching has helped me burst through personal blocks and nail auditions.”
-Kate Cannon, University of Arizona Theatre Grad

"Steve is a gifted, intuitve teacher with a kind, generous spirit.  He instilled in me a drive to excel from a place of confidence. His lessons on stillness and being present have forever changed my career and life.  With his immeasurable guidance I was accepted into both of dream schools in New York City and England.  I couldn't have done it without him."
​-Isabel Shea - Graduate, Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

"I've had the pleasure of working with Steve for a few years now.  He has taken my work to a new level.  Steve has helped bring relaxation, stillness, and clarity to my acting."

-Michael Stone, Actor

"Steve was my director, mentor, therapist, best friend, and greatest ally through a grueling process.  Steve is a master of his craft and treasures his students.  It is only with his amazing support and guidance I will be attending my dream school in August.  And the scholarships don't hurt either. "
-Emma McKeen, Hartt School Graduate

​"I still remember his work fondly, and do wish he was among our faculty."
-Mark Charney - former Director of Theatre, Clemson University
National Coordinator of Criticism & Dramaturgy, Kennedy Center ACTF

"He is magnificent to work with...intelligent and insightful and gifted.
If you have the opportunity to attend his workshop - Go!"

-David Greenwood - Tucson Theatre Blog

“Anderson is a true spirit of the theatre, in the tradition of the visionary producer/directors of the forties and fifties, like Harold Clurman and my own mentor, Aaron Frankel.”
-Lenny Liebowitz, Director/Off-Broadway/Regional - Member, SSDC

“...what I witnessed completely reinvigorated my passion for the art of acting, as well as returned the sense of awe and mystery I once had for the craft.  I have learned more in the past year and a half than in
all the thirteen years I have been acting.”

-Guy Castonguay, actor

"In two sessions, Steve was able to help me see this character as something I hadn't imagined.  Thank you!
A true acting coach!"

-Grisel Wilson, director & actor

“Steve helped me to grow as an actor in ways I could not have ever imagined.  I was able to transform the way in which I let a piece of text consume me.  I owe much gratitude and affection to Steve...”
-Kyle Dignoti, Theatre Student, University of Arizona

“I loved the workshop!  Thank you so much!  I feel like all my acting struggles disappear
when I’m in your workshop!”

-Judith Eisenberg, actor

"I took one class with Steve Anderson and was hooked.  When he comes to Scottsdale I try to take advantage of learning from him.  Whether you are a beginner or more advance, he will put you at ease and help you grow."
-Laura Munoz-Bottini, actor

"After a couple months working with Steve, I stepped into the big world of acting with confidence.  Due to Steve's help, I retained an agent in LA and have since moved there to forward my career.  Steve is awesome!"
-Max Bergeson - teen actor/model

"Nothing parallels the way Steve Anderson explains and understands natural human emotion.  His depth of knowledge is immeasurable."
-Danny Quinones - actors/stuntman/model

"My son is now able to connect on a personal level; his acting has improved tremendously.  Kameron has learned so much working with Steve.  Best acting coach ever!"

-Jessica Charboneau 







"Steve is a  is a master teacher.  With just a few hours of instruction he led our group, most of whom had no previous acting or public speaking experience, to a place of presence and connection with ourselves and with the audience.  We were blown away.  He was immediately invited to return to teach stage presence again with another group in our organization.  I unhesitatingly recommend Steve as a powerful teacher as well as a heartfelt, passionate, talented and kind human being."
-Dana Duclo, Ed.S., School Psychologist and Meditation Teacher

“Steve Anderson is the difference between delivering a speech to an audience and making a powerful and real connection with another human being.  He identified my weaknesses as a speaker and transformed them into strengths, and now I am better equipped to deliver my message.” 
-Dr. Michael Bays, Physician/Surgeon/Public Speaker/Coach & Mentor

"Steve is the master of a unique craft honed from deeply studied technical knowledge, a profound love for his art and cultivated empathic instincts. Those fortunate enough to be under his guidance are immediately set at ease, and their performances elevated to astonishing levels. Our undergrad researchers were blown away by the results of a single public speaking session he provided at our science communication workshop held at Biosphere 2 for a National Science Foundation-funded international research team."

-Jonathan Derbridge, PhD - University of Arizona


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