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Steve Anderson
"Working with Steve Anderson on THE WALL was a pure delight.  His approach to the character of Adam Comley was rigorous and attractive at the same time.  His acting reflected perfectly the man I had in mind.  I enjoyed watching him play, and was struck by the great match between Steve and Vicky Krieps acting as his daughter.  In just a few scenes, he gave flesh and depth to his character, being ominous and unbounded, and yet solidly grounded.  Thank you, dear Steve, for this memorable moment."
- Philippe Van Leeuw (Director, INSYRIATED w/Hiam Abbass)

"Steve is a consummate professional.  His role required him to perform with noted actor Vicky Krieps and he was more than up to the task.  He understood the character deeply.  Any film or TV show that includes Steve will be better for it."

-Victoria Westover, co-producer, THE WALL (directed by Philippe Van Leeuw)

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